Monday, September 17, 2012

A New Tag!

I made this tag a couple days ago and havent had the chance to type it up! nows my chance so heres a look at my new tag!

All the tags I have posted on my blog so far, have a simple design. but out of that simple design makes a beautiful tag that you can change so much details on to make your own. to embellish this tag all I used was a idea-ology word band, a piece of twine, a flower and a little pearl for the middle of the flower. the background on this tag took the most time because theres so many layers. so ill show you how I made this tag!

I started with a blank tag and some distress ink in the colors Vintage Photo, and Peeled Paint.

I used a ink blending tool to blend both of the colors onto the tag. as you can see above, I put peeled paint in those spots, then I blended vintage photo into the blank spaces. after the whole tag was colored with ink, I Built up the color intensity so both of the colors were bold. then, I sprayed the tag with water so all the colors were blended nicely, then i let the colors drip to the side leaving the middle a little lighter than the edges as you can see from the picture below, then I dried it with a heat tool.


Then I took a sponge with lots of interesting texture, and dipped it in one of the new Distress Stains in Brushed Pewter, and I stamped the sponge on different parts of the tag. Then i took the same sponge and dipped it in embossing ink and stamped it on the tag, then I took a gold embossing powder and sprinkled it over the ink, and Heat it with a heat embossing gun. After those steps, the tag looked like this.

Then i used the martha stewart stencils ( regularly used for paints) and i place it on the tag. then i used vintage photo distress ink and a blending tool to transfer the design onto the tag. after this step is down in several areas, the finished background of the tag should look like this below.

( where you heat embossed, the ink wont stick to it very well so it leaves a cool rustic effect.)

Now its time to embellish! I placed a yellow flower on the top left corner and a pearl in the middle of the flower, and used a hot glue gun to glue it down then I used some twine and placed it in a spiral pattern down and at the end of the twine I placed a word band. the finished product looked like this below.

So this tag, super simple to recreate! and the background itself makes a big impact. theres lots of varaitions you could do to this tag just by changing the colors or the embellishments you could have a completly different tag! the next tag will be a little more complex so check back here next time for more!

Thanks for checking out this blog! I hope you come back! were now in the middle of september! i cant belive how fast this year as gone by! I cannot wait till October 1st to see tims new tag!

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Thanks! Heres some more pictures of this tag!




  1. Lovely tag !
    love the texture and the mix of colors you did !
    thanks for inspire me...

  2. Such a fabulous tag! Love the beautiful background. Thank you for sharing... :)