Monday, January 7, 2013

12 Tags of 2013-January!

Hello everyone!!!!!! Happy 2013!!! and you know what that means, time for Tims new tag! I love participating in these challenges because they give you so many ideas!! I also enjoy seeing what everyone else created, for the tag of the month! I try to go to everyones blog to see there tag and leave a comment. at the end of this year, I want to get all the tags I created this years for Tims 12 tags, and take a picture to look back at my work! For this months tag, Tim used alot of supplies that I do not I had to make-do with what I had on hand. So heres my first tag of 2013!

Heres how I made it!

Since I do not own any die cutting machine or a embossing machine, I had to be creative to find a way to a background like tims, but with out dry embossing....Heat embossing! I got out my all time favorite tim holtz stamp, which happens to be the clock ( as seen below) and inked it with embossing ink and stamped it in various places all over the tag. after that it sprinkled it with gold embossing power and heated away! when finished with this stamp, it looked like this below:

the next step is to add some color to this plain-jane tag! im sticking to the blue and orange color palette.. so with this tag..i had a very interesting way of going at distressing this.. im gonna try to explain it as good as I can haha.

  I inked the top half with peacock feathers and the bottom half with salty ocean distress ink. but only around the edges... which left me with a sort of cameo affect in the center. I then sprayed the tag with water to blend together.

next...I diefied distressing rules! I inked my blending tool with tye dye distress ink, and rubbed of some excess on the craft sheet. Then went directly in the middle and blended it in, following the oval shape the cameo affect left us. i continued to blend makeing sure not to put too much ink on the tool because it you did that, you would be left with a stamped rectangle shape from the foam piece going directly on the tag. To add a little more of a orange tint, I added some dried marigold ink overtop of the tye dye. do not stop blending until the tag is completely covered with ink. iflicked some water on the paper to get a few splatters then i went around the edges with walnut stain ink. ( i hope this made since... heres a picture with 4 pictures inside showing you what i mean)  after everything in the background was complete it looked like the picture in the bottom right hand corner.

now its time to embelish!
another downfall to now having a die cutting machine... is not being able to have any of the tim holtz dies, so instead of using the exact same gears tim used.. I actully hand cut them...
I used this picture in the link below to make my gears, 
I picked three gears that i wanted to use and i roughly cut them out and used liquid cement to glue them on to a piece of grunge paper. I used a regular hole punch to jump start holes in the center and in the places that i couldnt reach with sissors without ruining one side. it took some time and patience, but i did manage to cut all three gears out.. and any mistakes? it doesnt really matter haha i call it "character"
after there all cut out.. the paper will literally peel off the grunge paper leaving you a blank gear ready for inking! if it doesnt peel off, or u just didnt want to  thats fine! just flip it over, because chances are you will glue that bad side down anyways
to ink the gears i used 3 different products! mostly cause I only have one metallic distress stain... but they all worked!
the silver one is just a couple of coats of distress stain in brushed pewter
the bright gold one is embossing powder ( the same powder i used for the clocks in the background) i just put embossing ink and powder on the gear and heated it!
the dull gold one is perfect peals in heirloom gold, i put perfect medium all over the gear with a quick dusting of the perfect pearls! and I think they turned out pretty good!
the next addition was this little piece of paper with a saying on it. the stamp i used was the same stamp from the clock set. i stamped it on a spare tag and inked around the edges with vintage photo distress ink then splattered it with water by holding my mister at its neck. i then hot glued three pieces of foam on the back ( i was all out of pop dots ) then glued them again to the right side of the tag. i also had glued the three gears. two were in the bottom left corner and i trimmed those to fit the tag.. and another one was in the top right corner but i didnt trim it, because I liked it sticking off.
i added film strip ribbon in two different spots. and at the top i took my new vial labels.. and colored a black label on it and stuck it in the corner. lastly i sanded some metal gears and placed them on top tof the grunge gears and just like that my tag was complete!
thanks you guys!!! I hope you guys have a beautiful day!! if you guys have any questions, comments or opinions... comment below!
and i would like to think everyone who leaves such wonderful comments! it means the world to me and seeing what people wrote, they say the nicest things and they really mean alot! they make me smile everyday! 
im trying to write more blog posts this year!! more inspriation and more fun!!