Monday, February 4, 2013

Clear/Rubber Stamp Organization!

         I know for one thing... it is not easy trying to find a way to keep your clear and rubber stamps organized. for me it was a challenge. when I first started buying all my stamps, which oddly wasnt tht long ago.. I started with the $1 wooden stamps at the craft stores and I threw all those stamps into a basket. then I started buying the clear stamp packages and i did not have a efficent way to keep them organized... i actully had them in a expanding file for a long time two actully, but eventully.. I got too many packages of stamps for them to hold! I went on youtube and alot of lovely people had posted a wonderful idea to store stamps in a binder.  they used baseball card page protectors...but i couldnt find those anywhere.. so i kind of made my own with a stapler:)

this is my stamp binder:

Its just a regular old black binder that I blinged up a bit. when you open it, I have some stencils (that i use for the dylusions projects) on the left pocket and stamps consume the rest of the binder.

Really all I did was buy a cheap binder and some page protectors. The Tim Holtz and Dylusions  stamp sets could fill up on regular page protectors and I just wrote the name of the set in the top right corner and when I wanted to use them I would pull them out the top.

For the smaller sets.. I would do follow these steps

1.) staple the top open area shut so it was sealed
2.) staple a line down the middle to have two seperete areas in one page protector
3.) cut down the right open side so tht you could slide the stamps through the right side

So for those people out there struggling to find a cheap, and organized way to store all your stamp! this is honestly a great way! its personilized and you can pretty much make whatever kind of size of stamps you need!

Thanks! I hope everyone has a great and crafty day!

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