Tuesday, December 10, 2013

12 Tags of 2013- December!!

I cant believe this is my last 12 tags post of 2013! It feels like this year has went by so fast... but then scrolling on my Facebook post.. I realized that this year has been filled with loving memories that I will cherish forever. this months tag I really had to play around with to figure out how I wanted to make it. I think it turned out pretty good! here it is!

to start I just made a simple background using the following products, just like tim did

this Is what I got

then I taped some tissue tape on the background and covered them with ink.. you could have did this before you inked the tag but I just didn't know I was going to use tissue tape until afterwards.  I added this step because felt like this tag needed a little something extra
then I stamped a saying and added my flower
I made the flower the same way Tim did it so I didn't think I needed to explain it.. but you can visit his blog under Decembers tag, and he explains how to make it.

This year has been amazing:) I hope all of your guys have had a great time creating along with Tim Holtz just like I did:) I am excited to see what 2014 has in store:) and thank you guys for sticking along with me I hope your year was great as well! I still have to get a new years resolution that ill probably forget about again! I was supposed to loose weight this year... yea that didn't happen lol

Ill see you guys next time!! I will post a couple more before the end of the year so this isn't the last time ill talk to you amazing people:)

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