Saturday, May 25, 2013

Envelope Mini-Book

Hello everyone! today I'm going to teach you how to make a mini book out of just 4 envelopes:)
I made this mini book for my mom for mothers day but you could create one for a "just- cause occasion."

The first thing you do is you score the envelopes. I did 5 1/2 inches over. do this to every envelope.

the next step is to glue the envelopes together. i used liquid cement for this job and it did a very good job holding together.

You want to glue the smaller sides together for the first one, then when you add the next page you will glue the two bigger sides together, so when you close the envelopes, it turns into a mini-book.

because this is a envelope, there's going to to be a lot of pockets to add tags and stuff. i just added scrapbooking paper and glued the little flap to one side, but making sure theres still room to make it a pocket.

here's the other pages I did at this point

its a short mini book, buts its all the room I needed. I chose to have mine flipping up and down but you could always have flip left to right. I normally don't scrapbook with pictures, I more of a mixed media artist, but when given pictures I can cook up a pretty good scrapbook:)

from this point on all you need is to add your pictures and embellishments. I but pictures of me and my mom when I was a kid. when I gave her this book she cried. ha-ha parents.

I put tags in the little pockets that matched the color theme of the particular page they went on

Just little embellishments here and there really make anything you create

I used my Cricut to cut out little letters a glue them on in a crooked pattern

Flowers give Character to everything ha-ha

So I hope if your stuck in a artistic rut this helped you with some kind of inspiration to get back up on your crafting feet and start creating again!
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Thanks for reading!! you guys have a fantastic Day!

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