Monday, February 4, 2013

Craft Room

When im on youtube, one of the only things I do, is watch peoples craft room tours. I love watching them because you get to see the supplies that other scrapbookers have to work, with and you get fantastic ideas for furniture and organization to make your craft room even more efficent and organized for yourself. So many great ideas off one video! well I do not have a youtube to show anyone the way I like to store my stuff, but i do have a camera so I thought i'd show you guys!

My Craft room is in a spare bedroom in  my house. I bought a long desk from ikea, and mainly the rest is the white cubes you get from the craft stores. I also have a drafting table for my fine art side because I also paint and draw.

Most of my time I spend at my desk where I have a rotating organizier that I keep alot of the things i use the most in it, like tape and sissors and clear acrylic blocks. on the top of tht i have a little pencil holder that has rulers and paintbrushes in it. and on the side there just another little pencil cup with sharpies, pens, and pencils in it.

on the other side of my desk i have a magazine holder that I keep my art journals in it. I have my dylusions one, a very small one.. and sort of home made one. and then theres my stamp binder and a extension cord which is great for plugging a heat tool or hot glue gun in. to the right of my desk I have my first cube arrangement.. I dont know what you would call it

There 6 of the white cubes that you can buy at craft store and you put them together yourself and they come in all forms

ok, on the top of this, i have more magizine racks which have finished projects in them, and my speakers because I love music! in the shelves i just keep all different kinds of paper and paper scraps.
under the shelves i have cutting boreds and inks and even a clay roller on he right.

At the bottem is my drafting table and above it, a hanging shelf or sorts. its a towel rack from ikea and it has these little cups tht hook onto it and racks and hooks and its just fantastic! i have three of these in my room. this is all my painting stuff on here and my cricket mat.

right above my desk i have this embellishment center.. which mostly has supplies on it. i like this shelf because it looks nice and honestly is just so organized!. as you can see i have my ribbon, all kinds on inks ( including distress inks) my brand new dylusions spray inks, powders, paints and some embellishments.

This is probably the messiest wall in my room. I have another rack with buckets and baskets and I think its called a curtain wire tht has little alligator clips at the bottom that I store stickers and tags and things in bags. the top I have some sissors and alot of glues/adhesives and my heat tool.

the last area in my room is my cricket center! I just have four more of those cubes and my cricket sets on top! and a stackble drawer unit tht has yarn and fabric in it.

so I hope you guys found a cool organization idea in this. I like the way everything is set up for me its really accessible and organized in my opinion. everythings easy to find and I like to keep it tht way, when it gets a little messy i have to stop everything and fix it.

I am by no means bragging about anything I have! im just trying to give everyone organization ideas of maybe you would like to expand your art space to a actual room! at most stores the cubes are on sale and sometimes they run coupons! so you can get a great deal on those! and ikea has alot of great stuff and its really inexpensive as well! dont think you have to go out and spend a fortune on a great big space! because I certainly didnt!

I hope you guys enjoyed it! Have a fantastic day!

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